Molly Millions



Age: 24 Role: Nomad Outrider

INT: 7 REF: 8 TECH: 7 COOL: 7 ATTR: 6 LUCK: 5 MA: 6 BODY: 7 EMP: 7

Run: 18m/turn Leap: 4.5 m. Lift: 70kg. Body Type Modifier: Strong -3


Athletics +5, Awareness/Notice +5, Basic Tech +3, Dodge & Escape +3, Driving +5, Education/Gen. Knowledge +1, Endurance +3, Handgun +3, Hide/Evade +3, Martial Art (Sambo) +3, Melee Combat +5, Motorcycle +5, Rifle +5, Shadow/Track +5, Stealth +5, Streetwise +2* (From Lifepath), Submachinegun +2, Weaponsmith +2, Wilderness Survival +3


Close Personal Tie (Content Not Found: snail) – Cost: -2 SPs

The character has a close friend or relative that he cares about. If the friend/relative is any amount of danger, the character is obligated to do anything in his power to help his Personal Tie. Should the Personal Tie die, or become an enemy, severe emotional distress may occur at the GM’s discretion.

Criminal Record – Cost: -2

A character with this disad has been convicted of a crime sometime in his life.

  • At level -2, it’s a black mark on his past, and it might prevent him from getting certain jobs (employers don’t want ex-cons). Also, since he’s on a criminal database somewhere, he might be picked up as a suspect in other crimes, whether or not he committed them. This also gives police a reason to harass the character for no reason.
Divided Loyalty – Cost: -4 SPs The Delgado Clan

The character has a deep-seated loyalty for something or someone other than his current employer or fellow PCs (a government organization, a corporation, a gang, etc.). The interests of the character’s employer (or controller or whatever) may not always be in line with that of the other PCs. The GM should discuss the details with the player prior to play, and then plan accordingly. Ignoring this disadvantage is a good way for a PC to end up in deep trouble. Unlike Close Personal Tie, this disadvantage does not necessarily represent a loved one or members of the character’s family (though, in some particularly twisted circumstances, it could).

Debt (Financial) – Cost: -8 SPs
  • Must pay 1000 eurodollars a month for a year to the Yakuza.
Honor – Cost: -4 SPs
  • At -4 points, the character will go so far as dying if it will accomplish his mission.
Rival – Cost: -2
  • Friendly Rivalry with Delgado Pack’s current Outrider.
Impulsive – Cost: -2 SPs

Impulsive characters find talking and planning to be a tedious waste of time, instead preferring to go out and get the job done. They are generally impatient (though this need not always be the case), and grow agitated if things don’t seem to be moving as fast as they’d like. GMs should feel free to tempt Impulsive characters into performing rashly.


Family – Cost: 2 SPs
  • Soldier
  • Few Friends
  • 10-100 Members
  • Struggling
Friends – Cost: 4 SPs Content Not Found: snail

For each Friend bought, the character has a Friend as per “Make a Friend” on the Lifepath chart. Friends are different from Contacts, in that they (Friends) will (generally) put their life on the line for you, whereas Contacts will only supply information, services, or goods. Friends are considered to be on a par, skill and ability-wise, with a starting PC.

Marksman (Rifle) – Cost: 6 SPs

A character with the Marksman advantage has a natural talent with one type of ranged weapon (specify: archery, handgun, heavy weapon, submachinegun, rifle, etc.), specified at the time that the advantage is purchased. The character only suffers a -1 penalty for snapshots, aimed shots grant a +2 bonus to-hit per turn spent aiming (as opposed to +1), and the difficulties of shots that are aimed at a specific location (ie, called shots) are one point less than normal. GMs may wish to limit the availability of this advantage.

Vehicle Zen – Cost: 4 SPs

The character has a natural affinity for driving vehicles, and as such, gains a +2 to all piloting and initiative rolls while using said skills.

Vehicle – Cost: 8 SPs

Sports Car, Rusty and Beat Up, Lightly Armored. Magnum Opus


CASH: 2,485 eb
Starting Money – 6,000eb.

Basic Tech Kit, Entrenching Tool, Gun Cleaning Kit, Backpack Stove, Canteen – Personal, Canteen – 10 Liter, Distillation Rig – Personal, Filter Mask, All-weather Fire Starter, First Aid Kit, Framed Backpack, Gas Mask, Personal Kit, Water Purification Kit – Personal, Sleeping Bag, Rug, Pup Tent, Personal Comlink, 4 boxes (200 rounds) of .44 mag ammo, 4 boxes (400 rounds) 7.62mm ammo, 4 boxes (48 rounds) 12 gauge ammo, Light Armor Jacket sp 14

  • .44 Magnum Revolver P J U 4d6 (.44 Magnum) 6 1 VR 50m
  • Winchester “Hitch Hiker” SHT -1 N E 4D6 (12ga.) 6 1 ST
  • M70 Sniper Rifle RIF + 2 N C 6d6+1 (7.62mm) 6 1 VR 400m
  • Machete 0 L C 1d6+3 NA NA NA NA



Family Background (Nomad) – Construction Family

Parents - Child of a Group Marriage (Parents are Alive)
Family Status - Not in Good Standing – Family was Imprisoned
Childhood Environment - Grew up on Night City Streets
Siblings - Only Child


Personality Traits - Stable and Serious
Person Most Valued - Lover
What do you Value the Most - Honor
How do you Feel about Most People - I like almost Everyone


Age 16: Romantic Involvement
  • Met Through Common Interest
  • Fast Affairs and Hot Dates
Age 17: Make a Friend
  • A member of former Pack
Age 18: Romantic Involvement
  • Met at a concert
  • We fight Constantly
  • I am still in love and she hates me
Age 19: Nothing Happened
Age 20: Make a Friend
  • They saved my life
Age 21: Disaster Strikes!
  • Arrested and Fined for Minor Crime (20 Euro)
Age 22: Get Lucky
  • Life On The Street ( +2 to A COOL Skill – Streetwise)


Born to a loving and extended family of nomads Marvin Grisby or Grizzly as he became known started life very happy. Unfortunately, his pack, The Delgados was working on a huge and lucrative construction job in Night City when everything fell apart. A serial killer had been stalking the streets of Night City for several months and a massive manhunt had been largely fruitless much to the consternation of the NCPD. Under pressure to find the killer the lead detective on the case used some flimsy circumstantial evidence to frame and convict Grizzly’s father. In the process a witch hunt of an investigation concluded that Marvin’s extended family had covered for his father and they were all arrested as accessories to his alleged crimes and jailed.

Marvin was placed in an orphanage. He ran away from home shortly afterward ending up on the streets of Night City using his talents as a driver to score jobs. He worked several jobs eventually connecting with Content Not Found: snail who had been in Grizzly’s pack as well. The two were outsiders among the “statics” and a close bond formed between them.

Although Content Not Found: snail could barely tolerate the string of women that Griz dated during that time her all time hatred was reserved for the love of Griz’s short life. Sofía Madron was a volatile and passionate young lady who loved fast cars and Griz fell in love with her immediately. The two dated for three years until one of their fights got out of hand and Sofía pulled a large caliber handgun on Griz in the middle of a crowded restaurant. The NCPD actually responded to the incident, arresting them both. Griz got out after a few months on a misdemeanor charge and was fined for the incident. He is still very much in love with Sofía but she hates his guts and blames him for her arrest and incarceration. Grizzly got out of jail and has since been working jobs on the streets.

The Delgado Clan recently returned to Night City to work another lucrative contract and while they welcomed Griz back as part of the family he is still an outsider who was raised by statics. He is determined to help his family and earn his place back with the clan as an Outrider. The clan already has a young Outrider of great skill who has developed a rivalry with Grizzly. Seeking to upstage his rival Grizzly borrowed a great deal of money from the Yakuza and sunk it all into a custom rebuild of a muscle car that he is working on with Content Not Found: snail_. The “Mangum Opus”, named for an old early 21st century video game according to _Content Not Found: snail is a full custom interceptor that is lightly armored. It also is relatively comfortable and Grizzly sleeps in the back seat more often than not.

Molly Millions

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