Cybernetics Quality

Cybernetics often vary by the quality of their construction. You can find cheaper versions of cybernetics that are prone to causing Cyberpsychosis. But you can also find high quality versions that reduce Humanity Loss.

Poor Quality Cybernetics (Gutterware)

Poor Quality Cyberware or Gutterware is either ripped out of someone’s body, grown from incompatible organs or simply made from cheap, low grade materials. Only the least ethical of Ripperdocs would ever offer Gutterware which is illegal. It functions the same as normal Cyberware but increases Humanity Loss increasing the chances of Cyberpsychosis.

Cyberware that has a 1/2d6 HL is increased to 1d6, HL 1d6 is increased to 2d6, HL 2d6 is increased 3d6 and 4d6 to 6d6.

Excellent Quality Cyberware (Hyperchrome)

Excellent Quality Cyberware, or Hyperchrome, is of superior quality and is tailor made for the user’s biology meaning it has far less chances of causing Humanity Loss and Cyberpsychosis.

Cyberware that has a 1/2d6 HL is decreased to 1 point, HL 1d6 is decreased to 2 points, HL 2d6 is decreased 6 points and 4d6 to 8 points.

Monetary Costs for Cybernetics is altered by the Quality as seen on the table below:

Stardard Quality Cost Poor Quality Cost Excellent Quality Cost
50 eb (Costly) 20 eb (Everyday) 100 eb (Premium)
100 eb (Premium) 50 eb (Costly) 500 eb (Expensive)
500 eb (Expensive) 100eb (Premium) 1000 eb (Very Expensive)
1000 eb (Very Expensive) 500eb (Expensive) 5000 eb (Luxury)

Cybernetics Quality

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