Genies - Spacers

Spacers were created by the Highrider governments, with aid from the Lunar interests, in 2022. They were created as part of an effort to enhance Martian and Lunar utilization of the asteroid belt. Spacers have metabolic modifications to maintain their health in zero-g, increased radiation resistance, and increased temperature tolerance. They also have double-jointed legs and prehensile feet with opposable grip. Spacers are effectively four-armed humans who are well adapted to the confined and low-gravity habitats of space. Spacers can endure temperature ranges from 5 to 45°C. Their modified feet are almost as dexterous as human hands, providing them with an additional coordination when all four extremities can be used at the same time. Spacers can stand and walk in earth normal gravity, but find it tiring and uncomfortable. Spacers are somewhat more comfortable on Luna due to its lower gravity, but they still prefer zero-g.


Legality: Legal
Transformation Time: 3 months
Cost: 25,000 Super-Luxury


  • +1 BODY
  • Cold, heat, and radiation Tolerance (+2 to BODY against cold and heat extremes and radiation)
  • Additional +1 to REFLEXES when all four limbs can be used (zero-g or underwater).
  • In a gravity well, spacers are able to move at -2 to their DEXTERITY and a -3 to their ENDURANCE SKILL.
Genetic Redesign

Adapted from Blue Planet © 2020 Biohazard Games.

Genies - Spacers

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